2. I’ve finally decided on the perfect name for my pet cat: Kendrick. Now I really want one.

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    Do my dark undereye circles and unwashed hair turn you on

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  9. Why didn’t I just say I was looking into grad school when I really am? And then they tell me that they are looking for someone who is interested in furthering their education and going to grad school.

    I didn’t feel like I could just say that I was interested in grad school after she mentioned it. Ugh.


     why cant i be less awkward. 

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  12. Returned from spring break yesterday and I have already called in sick at work and cut a class. I already have plans to skip work tomorrow and really want to skip another class. Fuck.

    I tell myself every year after spring break that a spring break should not exist because it just throws me off my flow. I get extremely lazy and never do as well on my finals because I’m not in the mood to study.

    But then again, I always tell myself that after I have already had my spring break.

    This spring break was one of the craziest spring breaks I have ever had. I got to have my series of lazy days that I have been dreaming of forever. I found a missing kid. Saw the Grand Canyon. Ate to my hearts content. Slept for hours upon hours. And forced so much alcohol down my throat when I was sick in Vegas.

    So I might be lying to myself when I say that the timing of spring break is bad because I think I needed all of that craziness to keep me sane right now.

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    California facts:
    -we surf to school
    -if we don’t say “dude” at least 10 times a day we will die
    -same with “like”
    -we cry when it’s 60 degrees Fahrenheit bc it’s cold

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    three things i’ll say in awkward situations:

    • hahahahah
    • omg
    • idk

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